Higher education in Finland – a basic guide for beginners 

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Planning for higher education in Finland?

You are in the right tab. You need a pile of information about the country, its culture. And of course, about the courses, you are to study in the country.

If you are not from the European Union, you have ample options to explore.

Either, you can study independently. Or you can get support from scholarships in the country. No matter, what you select, you will get a complete and quality higher education in the country.

Scholarship types

Usually, there are two types of scholarships available in Finland. The first one is awarded from the government. And the second one is from private funding.

However, educational institutions have their respective scholarship systems. They cover tuition fees and other costs. So, the applicants should check on their respective university or institution websites to know more about the grants.


The other interesting aspect is that there is no language barrier. You can use English as the source of your communication in the country. Moreover, academic courses are also available in English.

Consequently, the way to pursue your higher education is open and wide. Most of the courses in Finland are in English. So, if you know English, you can be a successful candidate for Finland.

Easy application process

The mainstream applicants are always in trouble with the application process. They cannot apply to the right institution. So, they cannot pursue their dream. But knowing the methods for applying in the Finnish institutions will help you a lot.

The processes are explained in brief here.

Know the right time

Most of the cases, the students apply when the admission deadline is over. They miss it. But knowing the deadline can be of great support. Usually, admission to bachelor’s programs begins in January, each year.

So, you need to start getting information early in January.

And if you are planning to get admission for masters, you need to start the application from early November.

Academic requirements

You also need to have a certain academic background to apply to any Finnish institution.

If you apply for your BA degree, you must complete your school-level schooling. And the certificate should follow an upper higher secondary school certificate.

And if you are willing to have an MA degree, you must complete your bachelor’s in your home country.

English language proficiency

Further, if you are not a native or if English is your second language, you need to have IELTS. Or, the proof of any other similar courses.

Entrance test

You also need to appear at an entrance test. If you pass the test, you will get the official letter for admission at your required Finnish institution.

Cost to study in Finland

For the bachelor’s and master’s, you have to bear the academic costs. For doctoral students, there are no tuition fees. The tuition fees vary in institutions.

But getting a scholarship from your educational institution will waive the tuition fees.

However, you have to pay the annual student union fee. It will help you get discounts in different places and while riding the public transportation system.

Living cost

Finland is a country where you can live comfortably at a lower cost. The average monthly living expense for a student is up to 900 Euros. At this cost, you will cover your accommodation and food.

However, the cost may increase if you live in large cities.


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So, that is all for today. We will have another post about the best scholarships in Finland.

If you need any further clarification about study Finland 2020, feel free to make a comment on the comment box below. Or, if you want to know about the scholarships in other countries like France, Germany, the UK, keep browsing the site.

Expecting to hear from you.


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