Best scholarships for International Students in the USA

scholarships for International Students in the USA

When it comes to higher study, many people prefer the United States of America (USA). Do you know why they prefer the country? Well, there are numerous reasons. Firstly, this is one of the leading countries of the world with ample options for building progressive futures. And there are lots of scholarships. In this post, we will let you know the best scholarships for international students in the USA.

Besides, the living costs, environment, and technology— all are up to the mark. The process of getting the visa and scholarships here is also simple.

Therefore, when a student wants to get in touch with top-notch technology and higher study, this is the price destination for them.

Best scholarships for international students in the USA: things you need to know

The options for scholarships are limited for international students. Unless you have a bright academic background, you cannot expect to have a scholarship. To know the other scholarships in the world, you can check this article.

scholarships for International Students in the USA

However, a few of the top scholarships in the USA are described below. They will help the readers to know about the details of the scholarships and grants and apply accordingly.

Best scholarships for international students in the USA, at a glance

As we mentioned already, there are lots of scholarships in the USA for international students. Here we have tried to dig out the best scholarships in the USA. So what are they actually? Let’s have a look at them at a glance below:

  • Foreign Fulbright Student Program
  • American University Scholarships
  • New York University Wagner Scholarships
  • Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarships
  • Columbia College Scholarships

Foreign Fulbright Student Program

The Foreign Fulbright Student Program is one of the top scholarship programs of the US government. However, the fund is not always available and the US government reserves the right to provide the funding to anyone.

Under this program, international students can pursue their MA or PhDs in different host countries where the program is going on. The grant allows international students to undergo higher studies in several sectors. Besides, there are a few other benefits that make the program attractive to anyone from any country.

The scholarship will provide a round trip for the students with other expenses. The costs include expenses for students’ living, initial other costs, health benefits, emergency support and others. Often, the scholarship also provides tuition fees and funds for academic materials. The application process is easier. You have to browse their official website and learn the other details of the application procedure.

American University Scholarships

Another impressive US scholarship is the American University Scholarships. This is one of the top and finest scholarships in the US. Not everyone is eligible for the grants under this program. If you are a first-year student of any undergraduate level, you can apply for this. Remember, only a bunch of students can have this one as there is high competition to get the funding. International students of high caliber can get it if they follow the procedures.

Under the scholarship, international students will get a wide number of benefits. The authority will provide them with a minimum scholarship worth USD 6000. But in case of necessities and considering other grounds, the students can also get USD 25,000. Remember, the scholarship is available for an academic year. It points out that you are to spend the fund with care and make sure it covers all your expenses in the country. However, based on satisfactory academic performance, the students can renew the scholarship. For more details, you can browse the official site.

New York University Wagner Scholarships

If you consider yourself as meritorious, you can apply for this scholarship. This New York University Wagner Scholarship is one of the leading ones in the US. The program is designed for meritorious students at local and international levels. When you are looking for options for a higher education free of cost, this is the perfect one for you. But you have to follow certain aspects to apply and get the funding from here.

Remember, this is a limited scholarship and is provided to only those who have an excellent academic record. Besides, if you cannot demonstrate your skills during the scholarship period, the university authority may discard you from the list.

The scholarship will cover a wide number of aspects for your living and continuation of your studies. The scholarship will provide a minimum amount worth USD 25,000. But if there are necessities, the university will hike the range up to USD 47,000.

Want to know more about other scholarships in the world? Click this link to get a comprehensive idea about them.

Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarships

Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarships is a prestigious scholarship. But there are some drawbacks here. If you are not a student of development-related studies, you are not suitable to apply for it. The authority wants to promote development courses and so, they select a bunch of students regardless of nationality.

Individuals and students who want to build their career in development track can apply for it. There are eight universities are associated with the program. When you are getting admission to any one of them, you can seek a scholarship.

The participating universities include Harvard University, the University of Chicago, and Columbia University, among others. The scholarship program covers the basic tuition fees, living costs, expenses for academic materials and others. The link here will describe the entire application process.

Columbia College Scholarships

Another important Scholarship is the Columbia College Scholarships. This is lucrative because international students can have a waiver on their complete tuition fees. However, the authority also provides a one-time fund covering all the expenses.

However, the scholarships are available for undergraduate international students. The process is a bit complex as the students have to submit their bank statements for one academic calendar. Based on their financial conditions, the authority arranges for the scholarship each year.

Interestingly, the college holds a scholarship day where the students can participate to get some other scholarship by proving their worth through written exercises. They also need to participate in an interview to avail the scholarship for a complete semester. But to apply for sitting in the tests, the students have to have a minimum CGPA over 3.6.

Best scholarships for international students in the USA (FAQs)

What are the top scholarships for international students in the USA?

The USA offers numerous scholarships for international students. Some notable ones include the Fulbright Program, the Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship, and the United World Colleges (UWC) Scholarships. These scholarships help cover tuition and living expenses, making education in the USA more accessible to international students.

How can international students apply for a scholarship?

To apply for scholarships in the USA, international students should begin by researching scholarships that align with their qualifications and interests. They should collect required documents, including transcripts and recommendation letters, and adhere to application deadlines. Most scholarships have online portals for submissions. Proofreading is crucial to avoid errors. Applicants should monitor their application status, follow up if interviews are needed, and apply to multiple scholarships for better chances. Seeking guidance from their school’s international student office or advisors can be helpful, and staying updated on new opportunities is essential.

What are the eligibility criteria for the best scholarships in the USA?

Eligibility criteria for the best scholarships in the USA vary but commonly include academic excellence, high standardized test scores (like SAT or TOEFL), strong letters of recommendation, a well-crafted personal statement, and a record of extracurricular activities or community involvement. Some scholarships may focus on specific fields of study, while others consider financial need. Additionally, many scholarships require students to be admitted to a U.S. institution or have a certain visa status. It’s crucial to carefully review the requirements for each scholarship to determine eligibility.


To sum up, we would like to tell you that, we have tried to compile the best scholarships for International Students in the USA. Generally, these are the most prominent scholarships in the USA. The applicants have to apply accordingly to be selected for the scholarships. If you want to know how to apply for a scholarship, check this article to get a detailed idea. Hope, it will be effective for you.

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