Study in Russia: Pros and Cons to Queried

Russia is one of the world’s influential robust states. The country has made significant contributions to world politics, economics, science, and culture. By the way, are you planning higher education in Russia? In that case, you are in the right tab. Nevertheless, you ought to query each and every detail before arriving in a new region for studying. Through this post, you will have the latest pros and cons of studying in Russia. So, let’s check out.


  • The desired study destination of the aristocratic pupil is in Europe, America, Canada, or Australia. Higher education in those expensive countries is shrinking day by day. Although the quality of education is undoubtedly good in those countries, it is beyond the reach of many middle-class students. However, the situation in Malaysia or Singapore in recent times is not so promising. From this perspective, the higher education prospect in Russia is auspicious.
  • The Russian government announces scholarships for meritorious international students every year.
  • Scholarship recipients have to firstly complete a one-year preparatory language course in Russian. During this time Russian language, Russian culture, tradition, physics, mathematics, chemistry, and other subjects are taught. Once the preparatory course completed, the students begin the main course. Thus Russia gives ample opportunity to open its doors to knowledge in a new language and culture.
  • The cost of living is comparatively much lower in Russia. Accommodation is provided at a nominal price from the university. Moreover, each student is provided some stipends from the university as pocket money. So, overall expense stress is manageable.
  • Provided accommodation in Russia for overseas students refers to a well-developed and intense security system. Especially a female student gets more security, priority as well as veneration while studying in Russia.
  • If you want, you can come to Russia without paying the tuition fee or you can pay a part of the tuition fee, it doesn’t matter! You do not have to show any type of bank balance. No block account or anything else required. There is an opportunity to pay the university tuition fee in four steps per year.
  • To sum up, It is Russia, where you can possibly acquire advanced education within a modern, enriched and contemplative environment at a much lower cost and without any hindrance.

Study in Russia


  • Your school education might not be good enough to get you into a good university in Russia if you are from a developing country.
  • The awarded scholarship only facilitates the students to study at an unpaid university. But the students have to bear the cost of living, health insurance, and other expenses.
  • There are fewer job opportunities for foreign students in Russia. Whereas there are a plethora of opportunities for students to work part-time in other European countries.
  • Transportation is not so convenient specifically, the metro stations in Moscow are unexpectedly repulsive.
  • Russians are not willing to communicate in English. Therefore, if you are not good at the Russian language, you probably won’t feel at ease while mass communication.

Though there are some drawbacks counter to amenities despite Russia can be an ideal study destination for developing country’s middle-class dwellers. So, this is all I had to share with you about study in Russia. Hopefully, coming back with some other informative post soon. Keep browsing this site to know more about higher studies in the other developed countries as well. Moreover, tips and tricks-based educative blogs are sought too. Consider sharing such content if you find any of them useful. Happy reading 🙂

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