Authentic Tips to Win Oxford Clarendon Scholarship

Clarendon Scholarship

Today’s era is the era of Information & Communication Technology. So, everyone is willing to have an expert hand in this field. Hence proper & effective knowledge of the IT sector is essential. As we all know that European countries are highly advanced in this sector & UK is one of the 5 topmost-ranked countries for technological expertise. Therefore, studying in the top-ranked UK universities is like a dream for millions of students from all over the world. But unfortunately, bearing the expenses of education & lifestyle in the UK is beyond the capacity of many students. But there are no worries anymore. Because Clarendon is here with a scholarship at the University of Oxford for all international students. To have a proper idea about this scholarship, the interested ones cordially requested to read the article completely. So, let us initiate.



Oxford Clarendon Scholarships is one of the largest scholarship schemes of the University of Oxford. It is a fully funded scholarship by Clarendon Fund Steering Group. The main objective of this scholarship is to select the bright & motivated from all over the world as per the expert’s advice to nourish their bright future. Moreover, all international students get a warm welcome, support, and encouragement to be a part of the university projects. This scholarship opportunity allows you to get familiar with UK culture, can develop you both academically & professionally, and provides a golden opportunity to build a strong network over there.


Benefits of Clarendon Scholarship


1. Provides an annual grant for living expenses.

2. Full tuition fee waiver.

3. Scholarship winners will get a chance to assist the professors of the university.




1. All national & international students can apply for this scholarship.

2. A candidate must have a strong future goal.

3. Students are directed to apply for the graduate program, in order to be considered for the scholarship.

4. A candidate must have the enthusiasm to bring a positive change in his society.

5. A candidate must have a good CGPA result.

To know more about the scholarship visit their official website.


Tips to Win


1. Academic Excellence:

An excellent academic record is mandatory to apply for Clarendon scholarships at the University of Oxford(UK). The majority of successful scholars usually have at least a first-class honors degree or its equivalent. For example, a GPA score of at least 3.7, if the mark is out of 4 is essential. So, keep the focus on the good academic result.

 2. Future potential:

Noteworthy significance is given to an applicant’s future academic potential and aptitude for the proposed course of study. This may be assessed by reviewing references and research proposals to ascertain evidence of an applicant’s aptitude for research likewise contributing significantly to the field of study.

3. Student motivation:

This is assessed through evidence of the applicant’s commitment to the proposed course as well as analysis of the personal statement. Student motivation and a clear indication of a strong goal have to be written in the letter of motivation. Thus, the winners keep ahead of others.

4. Perfect CV and Reference Letter:

The CV, as well as reference letters, have to be perfect and interesting. The details in the CV will represent your personality. So, only a perfect CV will make you an eligible candidate for the scholarship. Include all the required academic qualifications in your CV. Moreover, do not forget to highlight your extracurricular activities in the CV.

5. Accurate documents:

You won’t be there to give any exam or viva. Therefore, your documents will represent your qualifications and eligibility. Only authentic documents will increase your chances to get a scholarship. A small mistake may abate the opportunity to win the grant. So, be careful while arranging the documents. Never send any false document.


Ultimate Statement

To sum up, I recapitulate that to keep pace with the current world, you need to have advanced knowledge in whatever subject you choose for your profession. Further to gain proper knowledge, using the advanced technology sector has no alternative. For a bright future, you must study in the top-ranked universities of advanced countries. Though the Oxford University is expensive there are still chances to get admission through this scholarship. So, do not waste your time anymore and apply for the Clarendon Scholarship as soon as possible. If you want more such updates about scholarships in the top-ranked universities then you can visit here persistently. If you like this article, please share it with your friends or fellows as well. Good wishes for your future goals.

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