study in Germany

Over 85,000 students are currently enrolled at IU

When accounting for inflation, the rise in university expenses is even more notable in the recent years. Education should not be determined by one’s origin or financial means. IU has always been committed to helping…

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Top-Ranked 100 Universities in Germany

University Name QS Ranking 2021 THE Ranking 2021 ARWU Ranking 2020 Technical University of Munich (TUM) 50 41 54 Ludwig Maximilians University Munich 63 32 51 Heidelberg University 64 42 57 Humboldt University Berlin 117…

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top five universities in Berlin

Top Five Universities in Berlin

Berlin is a city full of possibilities for students and all. Studying in Berlin can be quite advantageous for international students. The city welcomes openness, brilliant minds, and people from all over the world. Today…

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Top 4 universities in Hungary for International Students 

Hungary is a leading country in imparting education. To be particular, higher education. So, the country witnesses a large number of students. Besides, there are many more facilities for higher studies. The academic curriculum belongs…

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European skyline

Why you should study in Europe- top reasons explained

Europe! It’s not a country, a continent. But most of the cases, people make the mistake. They consider it a country alone. But the continent is a place of peace and prosperity. Hence, a good…

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MSc in Organic Agriculture at Aarhus University (AU), Denmark

Aarhus University (AU) 2 Years
Denmark Full Time
Master (2 years) of Science in Agrobiology Onsite
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Types of Universities in Germany: German University System

  German term English term Meaning Additional info Hochschule Higher education institution A general term for all higher education institutions, i.e. all three university types Colloquially, Hochschule is often used to talk about UAS only…

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Travel restrictions to Europe: Important Information

The coronavirus crisis is a pandemic which has spread across the globe, with cases reported on five continents. At this moment, the European Union is considered to be at the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic….

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Improved network needed for disaster preparedness and response

Weather offices, disaster agencies and humanitarian agencies across the Pacific needs to improve their communication network and collaborate more with local communities to reduce disaster vulnerabilities and risks. The recommendation by Adi Vasulevu of Women’s…

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Water Diplomacy Course held in Dhaka

Foreign Service Academy, Dhaka organized the first ever Certificate Course on Water Diplomacy at the State Guest House Sugandha from 27 April to 4 May 2019. More than 25 mid level officials from different government…

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