Part-time jobs – pros and cons to know

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In the present days, part-time jobs help everyone to have a higher degree from countries abroad. But many of the students are in trouble with the expenditures. The situations turn tough when they cannot manage any fund for the higher studies. So, having a part-time job while studying can relieve their stress. Besides, the benefits of working part-time are great. When they are in a part-time job, they can manage their costs. Moreover, the working hours being limited, they can also focus on their studies too. If you want to know more about the scholarships, you can visit this site.

If you want to know more about the student jobs abroad, keep going through the article. You will get some insights about the part-time job benefits and other related issues. The advantages and disadvantages are explained here.


Types of part-time jobs


–    Part-time sales officer

–    Waiter/ waitress

–    Babysitting

–    Marketing agent

–    Virtual assistant

–    Language trainer

–    Small business assistant

–    Temporary teaching assistant

–    School teaching

–    Car washing

–    Bartender

–    Dishwasher

–    Guest teacher in schools/ colleges

–    Online tutoring

–    Data entry

–    Translation jobs

–    Affiliate marketing for agencies

–    Consultancy

–    Call center agent

–    Event planner



–    Part-time jobs are sources of income

Many of the international students are in trouble about the funding. They want to get a foreign degree but cannot manage the costs. So, a part-time job helps them to bear their costs. With the support of the job, they can meet their living costs, costs for their educational expenses and others. In some points, they can also pay their tuition fees as well.

–    Stability in lifestyle

Besides, when you are having a part-time job while studying, you can maintain your lifestyle. Many of the students studying abroad need to compromise their lifestyle. As a result, they lose their focus. When you are to compromise about your living, you will lose focus naturally. But the part-time job will bring stability as long as you are abroad.

–    Part-time jobs fix problems

Money matters most in the world. And you know, when you have a student job, you can fix many of your problems. With financial support, you can get rid of untoward issues. They will help you get ready to deal with situations. But if you have no penny with you, you surely will lose confidence. So, the benefits of working part-time are that it will solve many of your problems instantly.

–    Real-life skills

The natures and categories of every job are entirely different. When you are participating in any part-time job, you will get some real-life skills. You are to perform several types of roles every day, which will make you skilled. Moreover, you can invest the skills in the later phase of your life.

–    Money management

When you are paid, you can make your budget. This is a way that allows you to plan independently for your expenses. This is fun, indeed. At the same time, it enhances your budgeting skills too. When you are to make decisions in the future, you can make efficient budgets for the events. Money management skill is essential for everyone. You are lucky that you will get it in the early part of your life.

–    Part-time jobs teach discipline

Getting into a part-time job will teach you discipline too. You are working as a part-timer. So, you need to be at your workstation at the time. Simultaneously, you are to attend your academic activities. There are fewer chances that you will waste your times idly. This is a great way to learn discipline too.

–    Enriched CV

The experience that you will get from your part-time job will enrich your curriculum vitae. With time, you will gain experience and expertise. After completion of your study abroad, you need to find a job for survival. The part-time experience will be a blessing at that time. This is wise to enhance the CV when you are a student. In the later phase, you need less time to focus on your experience.

–    Broader relationships

Further, when you are working part-time in abroad, it helps you to get an expanded network. The network will contain people of different strata. As you are serving them in their needs, you can expect a similar service from them too. Thereby, the expanded relationships will help you overcome the obstacles of life at any time.

–    Effective communication

To be successful in life, people need effective communication. While working part-time, the students need to communicate with their respective clients. With time, they learn the process of communication naturally. They can invest the skills in the coming days of their life. As a result, the chances of their success relies more than those who are not a part-timer.

Disadvantages of part-time jobs


Nothing in the world comes with advantages alone. The part-time jobs have their drawbacks too. Few of the cons are also explained here. They will provide you a general idea about the fact.

–    Takes away time

When you are engaged in part-time jobs, you will have less time. So, when the other people are enjoying their leisure, you might be moving to attend the job. Or you might be sitting with your books to complete the next day lesson. In a word, your day will be shorter, and you have less time for amusement.

–    Trouble to make a balance in life

There are some invisible rules in jobs. As a part-timer, you may also need to follow the rules. If your employer is a nice person, you may get rid of the troubles. Working for extra hours, taking care of additional roles etc. are some of the professional hazards. Thus, life is not that much colorful as it seems in the beginning.

–    Frequent tiredness

This is true that we are human beings. And we are subject to limitations. So, often, you can feel too much tired. You are to attend your class in the early part of the day, attend the job in the noon, and an evening class. Sometimes, you may visit the job at night shift too to meet emergencies. All the things will make you tired.

–    Part-time jobs have fewer features

Besides, part-times jobs have fewer features than full-time ones. The students are not subject to have any additional facilities. They will have no retirement plans. Moreover, they will not get overtimes or health insurances too. Most of the part-time jobs are unstable and depends on the will of the employer. If you cannot manage a good liaison with the employer, you may get fired at any time.

Tips for tackling the disadvantages


Well, this is an excellent issue to consider. Of course, part-time job benefits are undeniable. But getting a part-time job while studying is tough. Besides, not everyone has the attitude to comply with the jobs. In that case, they can follow the steps below.

Apply for scholarship/ funds

–    If you are an international student to any country, you need to apply for scholarships. Majority of the scholarships cover most of the costs for higher studies. So, you need to keep applying for the funds wherever you are studying.

–    Select a suitable one that will allow you space and time for your academic activities.

–    Budgeting your time will reduce the wastage of time and labor. Effective planning is a must in this case.

–    Make some outstanding academic performance that will help you get a more significant opportunity.

–    Save some bucks for your rainy days so that you are not into any trouble.

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