Master of Science (MSc) in Bioeconomy at The University of Hohenheim

University of Hohenheim 4 Semesters
Germany Full Time
Master of Science in Bioeconomy Onsite

The Master’s program in Bioeconomy offers a comprehensive education for professionals who aim to work in those sectors of the economy that use biological resources and biotechnological processes to produce bio-based goods and services.
Students examine the entire value chain of bio-based products:

  • the production of raw material for bio-based products in agricultural ecosystems in diverse climatic regions
  • the properties and supply logistics of biological resources
  • the biotechnological and industrial processes used to convert these resources into (new) bio-based products
  • the marketing and consumption of such products

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Course Details:

During the first year of the program, students acquire fundamental knowledge of the concept of the economy as well as the necessary skills that are required in order to deal with all aspects of bio-based value chains, including their interdependencies.
To ensure that all students from varying academic backgrounds are able to successfully complete the program, three introductory modules are offered in the first semester, allowing students to complement their different academic qualifications. These modules introduce the basic concepts of the agricultural, natural and economic sciences.
Beyond that, students acquire the knowledge and methods necessary for a systematic analysis of bio-based economies in several compulsory modules. Topics range from the analysis of the properties of bio-based resources from a natural sciences and agricultural sciences perspective to the economic analysis and optimization of production and processing across the entire bio-based value chain.
The second year of studies gives students the opportunity to design their own curriculum by choosing from a range of elective modules, thus allowing students to specialize in one area of the field. In the module “Projects in Bioeconomic Research”, students put their acquired skills into practice in a systematic examination of the entire bio-based value chain and trace a specific product from inception to market launch in cooperation with industry and organizations. A research-intensive Master’s thesis, written in the fourth semester, completes the program.

Enrollment Requirements:


Admission requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree with a total of at least 180 ECTS credits or a standard period of study of at least three years or equivalent academic qualification in the natural sciences, engineering, the agricultural or forestry sciences, or the social and economic sciences
  • English language skills (see below)

Selection criteria:

  • An overall grade of the Bachelor’s degree
  • Subject-specific academic achievements
  • Completed professional training or work experience in a job requiring professional training (no limitation to certain vocational fields)
  • Letter of motivation

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Teaching Language:


Costs/Tuition Fees:

1,500 Euro

Language Requirements:

Proof of English language skills (TOEFL it 90 or equivalent)

About the University/Institution:

The oldest university in Stuttgart, the University of Hohenheim, is unique in its strong specialization.

Founded in 1818 after devastating famines, the University of Hohenheim is not only engaged in intensive basic research but has traditionally also been committed to developing innovative solutions for some of society’s pressing problems. To do so, the University of Hohenheim engages in a combination of scientific disciplines that is unique among German universities.

Strong in research and exceptionally well-connected

Today, the University of Hohenheim is the leading university in agricultural research and food sciences, as well as strong and unparalleled in natural, social, business, economic, and communication sciences. The combination makes it possible to find solutions for many global challenges. This is why the university puts great importance on maintaining an international network with numerous strong partners.

Application Deadline:

15 June for all applicants

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