Nursing in Germany – facts and figures explained

Do you know that the average lifespan of human beings is on the rise? And so, they need various types of medical supports for a healthy and happy life. So, nursing in Germany could be…

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Want to Work as a Doctor in Germany- Info You Must Know

Well, if you want to work as a doctor in Germany, you have ample options. But you also need to remember certain aspects. Germany is a land of opportunities. People live here in peace and…

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Study Medicine in Germany- Things You Need to Know

Planning to be a doctor and in Germany? Well, I appreciate your thoughts and you need to get some warm wishes from me. In fact, study medicine in Germany is one of the toughest jobs…

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Book Reading

Best IELTS Reading Strategies You Must Follow

How to improve IELTS reading skills? Well, this is important for everyone to have some ielts reading strategies, especially for increasing skills in reading while attending the IELTS. And how to do that … This…

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Best five scholarships for Asian students in 2020  

Struggling with the existing education system? Need a higher education? You can apply for the asian scholarships 2020. In fact, if you are looking for a scholarship in 2020, you are in the right place….

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African Woman with Laptop

Five best scholarships for black women

Education is for everyone regardless of cast creed and color. So, if you are a black woman, you also have the scopes of higher studies. In fact, the number of grants for black women is…

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Scholarships for Women at RWTH in Germany

RWTH International Academy 24 Months
Germany Full Time
Bachelor’s Onsite
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